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We are infinite

In a previous post I shared a video about how science saved man’s soul. When you look up at the night sky what do you see? The moon? The stars? Clouds? A combination of them maybe? How about the space between you and another object or being? You’re probably thinking that it’s just that, (empty) space. However it is so much more than that. If everyone and everything are comprised of atoms then that means that the space you are seeing isn’t empty, it’s full of atoms. The law of conservation of energy states that energy can not be created nor can it be destroyed, it can simply change and transform meaning that we are as old as time itself and that we are all connected. So when I look up at stars made up of stars in all my sense of wonder and beauty I know that I am also the very star that I’m looking at, looking down at myself and in that moment I know what it truly feels like to be infinite. Oh how I wish that I understood even just a fraction of what this meant when my beloved aunt passed. Even though I strongly believed in an afterlife I still felt that she was truly dead because back then I didn’t truly understand what life really is. Knowing and understanding everything I do now, I know that she isn’t actually dead, she has simply transformed. So when I look up at the stars and see myself watching from above I know that she as well is the very star I am looking up at, that she is living inside of me too. She is everywhere just as we are, she is me and I am her. Just as I am you and you are me. This doesn’t make us or the stars or anything else less special if anything it makes us much more than what we ever really gave thought to, stars die and burst into supernovas and because of that we are here, we are living. A star died so we could live, how could it get any more special than that?

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My life, my choice. #proMYlife

Recently a law regarding pro-life protesters was created and then vetoed because it was considered unconstitutional. This law entails that protesters should have a designated buffering zone, meaning that protesters will not be allowed to stand right at the doors or on the sidewalks in front of the facility (or any establishment that is being picketed). As if its not enough to force them to look at an ultrasound of the fetus growing inside of them, by turning down this law it means that pro-life protesters can stand right outside the doors of an abortion clinic WHILE the girls are entering and ask them questions and/or belittle them for their choice, some have even entered the clinic in absolute tears from the remarks of the protesters and yet the government doesn’t seem to believe there is anything wrong with that. Having an abortion isn’t an easy decision, however they are not making the decision because they want to “kill babies” they are making it because they know they are not ready to carry a child or become a mother. There is the argument about how they could always choose adoption but that also means they still have to carry this being that’s growing inside of them and inevitably form a bond which will make giving up their child that much harder, even if it’s an open adoption. Either way their choice will affect them for the rest of their lives, whether it be positive or negative. So yes I believe in pro-choice and I am also pro-life, proMYlife. As a woman i have the option of abortion should I get pregnant and not be ready and whatever I choose it will not be for anyone other than myself.

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